Mint Cacao Swirl Ice Cream

gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, vegan, sugar-free, ACD friendly, gum-free

I’ve got a real, honest-to-God mystery on my hands, people:  For the past week, every single time I have taken a shower, I IMMEDIATELY begin thinking about Teddy Grahams.  And then s’mores.  In that order.  As if a Teddy Graham button has been pushed in my brain, followed by a s’mores button.  And yes, brains most definitely have those buttons.  Mine does, at least.  But really… Why is this happening?!  Every single shower I take?!  Okay, so it’s not Agatha Christie material… What did you expect?  That I witnessed a murder?  Um, no.  Thank you.  Unless we’re talking about slaughtering pumpkin seeds with the sleek blades of my Cuisinart DEATH MACHINE (food processor)…

Nonetheless, I began playing detective.  Very Harriet The Spy.  The only difference?  I was not spying on anyone but myself.  Technically, I couldn’t even really be spying on myself because “spying” indicates an element of secrecy and, well, you try keeping a secret from… yourself.  When you’re both the detective and the suspect, you can’t exactly be sneaky.  Don’t think that stopped me from getting in touch with my inner Sherlock, though.

I cracked this case doing what I do best: tasting.  There I was.  In the shower.  Scene of the…well, no, not a crime, exactly.  And after thoughts of Teddy Grahams and s’mores seemed to be injected into my head “Inception” style, I happened to lick my lips.  And they were sweet.  Like honey.  Probably because my face was covered in honey.  Don’t worry, this part was intentional.  Since I’ve recently been getting my pioneer on, I’ve taken “do-it-yourself” to a whole new level.  This includes mixing my own face wash.  Key ingredient of this face wash, in accordance with many typical holistic facial cleansers: manuka honey.  It’s nutrient-rich, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory.  It’s some miraculous sticky stuff.

Here’s what’s cool about this: washing my face with honey is a nostalgic experience for me – it takes me back to the days when I used to gobble honey-laden (and gluten-filled) treats.  Here’s what’s concerning about this:  It took me a whole week to figure this out?!  Really?!  Well… case closed.

As titillating and compelling as The Shower Mystery was, it was actually not what got me likening myself to Sherlock in the first place.  In my last post of a HEAB ice cream variety, a lovely reader mentioned that she avoids gums of all sorts and wondered if there were any way to replace these ingredients.  My immediate response was “no.”  HEAB makes it quite clear that the gums are essential for creating that creamy, soft serve, nearly pudding-like consistency.  However, it bothered me that I could not give this reader a better answer.  So, I began experimenting…  And I slowly began narrowing down my suspects.  There must be something else besides xanthan gum or guar gum that could achieve the same result, without altering the tasty outcome.  My culinary escapades began resembling Clue.  “I say…  Agar powder!  In hot water!  With the candlestick!”  Actually, no candlestick… the items in my kitchen do not bear arms.  But I did say “Clue,” so I panicked halfway through that metaphor.  My bad.

After giving Scott far too many bowls of goop loosely called, “ice cream,” I finally found my lead.  “Psyllium husk!  In the Vita-mix!  With the revolver!”  Ack, did it again.  No revolver.  Honestly though, the weaponry gives my detective tale a bit more legitimacy.  And yet, I guess it doesn’t matter because if this were all a game of Clue, I would most definitely win now.  Psyllium husk, I caught you red-handed.

I must admit, closing this case is a bit more satisfying than closing the other.  That is probably because this one does not involve me having honey all over my face, abruptly waxing poetic on Teddy Grahams, and then wondering why I’m suddenly doing so.

Mint Cacao Swirl Ice Cream

1 cup nondairy milk (I use unsweetened So Delicious coconut!)

30 grams/ 4 Tbsp vanilla protein powder (My favorite is Nutribiotic’s Vegan Rice Protein – Be sure you LIKE the taste of whatever you use!)

1/2 tsp celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink salt (do not omit!)

2 Tbsp psyllium husk

1/4 tsp spirulina powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp peppermint extract

stevia to taste (I use about 12-16 drops NuNaturals vanilla stevia)

225 grams/8 oz ice cubes (about 5 ice cubes from a standard 16 cube tray)

1 Tbsp cacao or cocoa powder 

1 Tbsp cacao nibs, or to taste

1) Place in vita-mix or other high-speed blender: non-dairy milk, protein, psyllium, peppermint, salt, vanilla extract, spirulina, stevia.  Blend till smooth.  Let sit 15-30 minutes until firm.

2) Add ice cubes and blend on highest speed and use tamper to push the ice cubes into the blades until smooth and creamy (this takes less than a minute)

3) Pour half of ice cream into bowl.  Add cocoa/cacao to ice cream remaining in the vita-mix and blend.

4) Swirl chocolate into green, minty half.  Add cacao nibs or chocolate chips to taste!



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22 responses to “Mint Cacao Swirl Ice Cream

  1. You and hysterical and adorable all at the same time! And this ice cream? I would need a lot more adjectives to describe it and I haven’t even tasted it! I so want a spoonful right now. Could you bring over a jar please? And while we’re sharing it, could you please figure out why certain songs pop into my head out of the blue? And not even songs I like … and no, I hadn’t just heard them on tv or on the radio. I need your Harriet help, and this ice cream! I’ve said it before and will say it again ice cream–with a chocolate factor–is the only appropriate use for mint. ;-)


    • SHIRLEY!! If I could solve THAT mystery, I would be the greatest detective ever. Seriously. The same thing happens to me ALL. THE. TIME. However, the ice cream part? Bringing you over a jar and eating it together sounds like pretty much the best afternoon ever. And I definitely agree with you about mint, by the way! I never really care for mint unless it is paired with chocolate! :)

  2. Psyllium husk? Really? My one experience with that stuff was not good – it involved a fiber supplement mixed in water. Bad…very bad, but I think this recipe might just change my opinion on psyllium. The ice-cream looks delicious (beautiful photos!)…and I bet it would be really good topped with crushed chocolate Teddy Grahams. ;)

    • Yeah! Psyllium husk is a common ingredient in fiber supplements (but so are many other natural emulsifiers), so if you’re drinking it alone in water, it’s not going to be so good! However, it’s tasteless so adding it to an ice cream recipe really only affects the consistency and texture. Try it out and let me know what you think! And YES to the chocolate Teddy Grahams. Oh, if I still ate gluten, I would be ALL over that…

  3. I always love your stories and recipes :)

  4. I usually put my ice cream in the microwave for 30 seconds because I like it soft and a bit goopy, so yours looks perfect! I may try this with the So Delicious sugar-free vanilla coconut milk. It’s my new obsession!

    • Yes, this consistency is SO YUMMY. Also, I recently just discovered So Delicious sugar-free vanilla coconut milk too! I nearly threw a party in that aisle at Whole Foods! :)

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  6. Ken

    Okay, so now I’m hungry and with the last of the summer heat due this weekend could you just send me a bucket full.

  7. Mint chocolate chip is easily one of my top 3 favorite ice cream flavors, and this seriously has me drooling. Plus, that green color is so luscious!

    • Me too, Hannah! Which is so funny because I always forget how absolutely delicious the combination of mint and chocolate are until I’m eating it again, and then I say, “OH YEAH! MUST eat this more often…” :)

  8. My goodness, I wish there was a bowl of that in my freezer. Thank you for sharing another amazing recipe.


  9. Dear Desi, sorry dor the irrelevant question, but what do you mean under “anti candida” ?

    • The anti-candida diet is a specific diet for people aiming to rid their bodies of yeast overgrowth (candida). The anti-candida diet basically consists of avoiding sugar in every form (including fruit), starches, grains, legumes, anything high-carb, as these all feed the yeast. The only sweetener one can have on the ACD is stevia, because your body does not process this as a sugar. I would recommend googling anti-candida diet to learn more specifics if you’re interested! More people than we realize have yeast overgrowth without even knowing it!

  10. Thanks for explanation!
    Actually I have heard about candida and how the mould is fed with sugars. The main danger comes form the yeast that bread is prepared with.
    So, you avoid fruits as well?
    I think it would be hard to implement :(
    Thanks again, I’ll google it!

    • No problem. Believe it or not, eating the yeast itself is not as bad as eating sugar (including carbohydrates) that feeds it. The yeast that is baked in bread is already dead so it’s really not doing much. And yes, I avoid fruits. It was tough at first but now I honestly don’t care! :)

  11. Great will!
    I am afraid to even trying it!
    But the vegan stuff you make is worth trying!

  12. Em

    this looks so yummy!!! i’m on an anti candida diet right now.. only grains im having are quinoa buckwheat amaranth and millet. Love this recipe! never tried pysillium in icecream but i’ve used xantham gum!

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