Marzipan Almond Butter

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In middle school, I wrote a very serious paper for Social Studies class that explored the highly-dramatic, labyrinthine history of old-fashioned candy shops.  From an early age, it was clear where my priorities lay.  Who were the Junior Mints’ Seniors?  The Sour Patch Parents (ah, the days when the patch had not yet soured)?  The rock(candy)star that had droves of sweet-toothed fans in lines out the door and down the street?

The treat that had the rest beat was Marzipan.

The name alone sounded like magic.  Maybe it was the Mars that did it, making it literally out of this world.  Or the z.  I mean… not enough words feature that rare gem of a letter.  Or the Pan… just as enchanting as another “Pan” of the “Peter” variety.  Or maybe I’m being far too analytical about this.  Maybe it was just the stuff itself that was the true magic.
But how would I even know about the “stuff itself?”  ‘Cause I made it.  Homemade.  My seventh-grade self even shaped it into orange slices, tiny peaches, apples, and bananas, and painted the little faux fruits like a dessert-addicted Michelangelo.  Sub kitchen counter workspace for ceiling.

My first bite summoned one revelation: My sole purpose on earth was to ingest this as often as possible.  My fiftieth bite in my class presentation the next day brought the second: I can feed people!  Not the most conventional hunger-fighter, but true nourishment goes beyond mere vitamins.  And just like that, I’d not only pledged devotion to the marzipan sect of sugar worship, I’d also become a cook.
Marzipan Almond Butter
If you like your almond butter runny, feel free to run your food processor longer than I did with this batch.  Lately, I’ve been enjoying my nut butters thick like cookie dough.  That is probably because I eat them like I would eat cookie dough.  In a bowl.  With a spoon.  They’ve served me well as one of my greatest anti-candida-diet comforts.



* I submitted this recipe to Diet, Dessert And Dogs’ Wellness Weekend.  Check it out!

2 cups raw almonds (I soak and dehydrate mine!)

1/4 tsp Himalayan pink salt

1 tsp almond extract

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 dropper-ful of vanilla liquid stevia

1) Place almonds in your food processor and let run until it becomes almond meal.

2) Stop the processor and add remaining ingredients.

3) Run processor until almond butter is the consistency you like.  Stop occasionally to scrape the sides down and to rest the processor if you’re concerned with keeping your butter truly “raw” (therefore avoiding overheating).  Depending on how runny you like your almond butter, this could take up to 15 minutes.



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14 responses to “Marzipan Almond Butter

  1. Social Studies… was your teacher Mrs. Murphy? :)

  2. Alea

    Cumquat! Someone in my office brought back marzipan from Germany yesterday. I definitely ate more than my fair share, although I believe that the whole concept of “fairness” goes right out the window when it comes to marzipan consumption. Love you!

    • Cumquat! Oh my GOODNESS. Marzipan straight from Germany?!? Heaven. When Scott and I were in Bruges, we bought POUNDS of it and ate it all on the train. One of the happiest days ever. :) I really miss you p.s. Can we PLEASE skype this week?!

  3. A Tablespoon of Liz

    this looks so good! I looooove marzipan!

  4. This post makes me so hungry….also, I feel like Middle School Glynnis and Middle School Desi would be fast friends. I miss you DD!

    • G, I TOTALLY agree. Middle School Us = Dream Team. I miss you too! I know Scott mentioned getting and celebrating your news soon? Let’s make it happen, please! :) xoxo

  5. Nicole

    This looking amazing! I just discovered you blog today via Diet, Dessert and Dogs. You are such an incredible writer. At first I just wanted to skip over everything and get to the recipe, but once I started reading, I became more interested in your story than the recipe. I’ll definitely be checking your blog everyday now. :)

  6. Hmm, the way you described the marzipan made me want this bitter sweetness on my tongue again!

    Wonderful almond butter!Really sweet!

  7. Adrienne

    Hi there…I’m trying this recipe for the first time today and am wondering what I can use instead of the stevia. I don’t have any on hand. Thanks!

    • Hi Adrienne! Do you have any issues with sugar? The only reason I used stevia in this recipe was because I was targeting people who had to avoid all sugars for whatever reason. If you have no problem, you can use any sweetener you’d like! My guess is good old cane sugar would affect the taste the least… However it might not mix in as well as something liquid like maple syrup or honey. Feel free to be creative and report back! :)

      • Adrienne

        No sugar issues. But I do make all my own nut butters and I LOOOOVE marzipan, so I can’t NOT try this recipe! ;-) I’m going to give honey a try and see how that goes. Thanks!

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