Lemon Coconut Bars

I have this fantasy about twins.  Yes, a twin fantasy.  Be forewarned… it’s racy.

It unfolds like so:  I stroll into a quaint North Carolinian bakery stocked with organic, gluten-free goodies.  One bite of a rapture-inducing raw cardamom almond biscotti sends me into a frenzied fervor.  Tickled by my outburst of admiration, owners Lori and Michelle ask me to taste test one of their latest creations they have yet to release to their bakery’s public.  It’s something too delicious for me even to imagine.  I happily agree and we bond over our love for dessert, everything green, skin care, fitness, and the magic of superfoods.  They say, “Desi, you are our long lost triplet!”  I casually (but happily) respond, “who would have known?!” (When, in fact, I’ve known since the day I discovered their blog.) Then we frolic and make raw dream cakes and lick the batter off of our spatulas and giggle.  There’s also some hugging.  And maybe friendship-necklace-making.

I warned you.

Saucy, unrefined, and obscenely raw.  I know.  I shouldn’t be having such thoughts.  But how can one resist this pair?

Not only do they dream up the most yummy recipes, but they write openly and honestly, a credit to their quality of character and their genuine desire to help people take better care of their bodies and well-beings.  In the cyber land of Pure2Raw, “pure” describes more than just their recipes and wholesome ingredients.  It encompasses their beautiful spirits.

I’ve been addicted to Lori and Michelle’s blog for too long not to celebrate it through my own words and pictures, so I’ve used this month’s Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger, hosted by Sea at Book of Yum, to whip up one of their little delicacies, document it, and set it on my unsuspecting readers like a tastebud attack of joy.  Weapon of choice?  Coconut Lemon Bars.

I can confidently guarantee that if you follow their recipe exactly as I did, you may begin entertaining a certain twin fantasy of your own.

Don’t feel embarrassed.  It’s only natural.



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13 responses to “Lemon Coconut Bars

  1. best post ever!!!! yes our long lost triplet ;)

    so happy you loved the recipe! we love our coconut and lemon!!

    • I love my coconut and lemon, too! (Triplet evidence) :) And I must say thank you for the sweet comment – I admit I breathed a sigh a relief knowing neither of you think I’m a creeper… hehe

  2. Haha this was a very funny post. Luckily I have a twin of my own to fulfill my twin fantasies lol.

    • HAHAHA! Right ON. ;) I LOVE your blog ps… Don’t be surprised if a recipe of yours crops up on my blog too for another GF Blogger Event!

  3. Lou

    How amazing are the twins? So inspirational, I get so excited reading their recipes, whoooooooo! Am loving your blog by the way :)

  4. love the post. nice way to start the day. :)

  5. OMG. These bars look effin’ delicious.

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  7. Hi Desi,
    I’m guest hosting Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger this month and hope you’ll be able to join in. (I had such a good time participating that I offered to host it.) I also eat A LOT of nuts. Blueberry almond flour pancakes for breakfast today.

  8. Vicky Houchin

    Lemon bars are usually my personal favourite dessert due to the fact they taste so delicious and you can simply prepare them at home if you want to.

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