Raw Cocoa Shortbread Cookies

Rather than a lovely little anecdote or passionate rant, I have something different for you today:

A video.

Take it as my addition to the popular “S**t ________ Say” movement on YouTube.

Just click on my extremely focused-looking face (below) and then make fun of me to your heart’s content.  Side note: I’m playing a character.  This isn’t actually how I act.  Or sound, for that matter. :)

Also, these cookies are really good.  They are the EXACT texture of true shortbread, but they’re a bit lighter and healthy and RAW! :)

Raw Cocoa Shortbread Cookies

1/2 cup raw almond butter

1/2 cup almond milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp salt

3/4 cup raw coconut flour

1/2 cup raw almond flour

1/4 cup cocoa powder

vanilla liquid stevia (To taste – I strongly advise taste-tasting the dough)

1) Mix all ingredients well in food processor.

2) Roll into log with diameter of 3-4″ and place in freezer for an hour.

3) Slice log into 1/2″ thick shortbread slices and place on dehydrator tray.

4) Dehydrate for 7-8 hours at 103˚



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15 responses to “Raw Cocoa Shortbread Cookies

  1. lou

    YUM!! I am going to make these for sure :) Love the vid!

  2. HAHAHA this video is hilarious – spot on with the raw movement :D As a former die-hard raw foodist, I shamefully admit to a lot of those statements, haha.

  3. I can’t even express how funny that was (the video, not the shortbread recipe). My favorites: “$36? That’s a really good price” and of course the whole “adir-RAW-L” bit. You’re hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh this evening. :)

  4. Desi,

    Loved the video…what a great way to start the day with a good bout of laughing as I am enjoying a bowl of your chai oats recipe :). I am doing a 21 day jj virgin food intolerance challenge and stumbled upon your blog…what a delight! My husband, daughter and I are off corn, gluten, all sugar (maple syrup and honey too :( ), egg, dairy, soy, peanuts. My daughter enjoyed reading your “no poo” article and is working on that one. I guess you could say my daughter has actually given up 10 things when you consider the morrocan oil shampoo, conditioner and oil!

    I next plan to try your millet recipe…..first time for millet for me. And I may make these shortbreads….what brand of vanilla stevia do you use?

    • Hi Susan! I’m so happy to be of service to you and your family! I’m excited for you to try millet. It is my FAVORITE of the grain/pseudo-grain family. :) Anyway, I really love NuNaturals alcohol free liquid vanilla stevia. In my experience, it is the best tasting stevia by a long shot. Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help you through your food intolerance challenge in any other way! Best of luck! xo

  5. I just remembered, my oven doesn’t go down to 103 degrees. I roasted nuts from a recipe and it said to set temp at 150 and the lowest mine would go was 170.

    • Ah yes. This is a problem for most people who don’t own a dehydrator. I’m not quite sure what to do because I have not done it in an oven before… but you could try baking them as you would regular cookies and just see what happens! I can’t make any promises that they’ll taste good, though… ;)

      • Desi,

        What dehydrator do you recommend and are they carried at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond or is it something I will have to order online?

      • Hi Susan! The dehydrator that I use is this one made by Nesco. I bought it on Amazon. It works just fine. The dehydrator that most people salivate over is called the Excalibur. If you can afford it, I say go for that one! According to their websites, both Target and BBB sell a variety of dehydrators, though none of them are exactly either of these two I have recommended.
        Hope that helps! :)

  6. I can’t wait to try this. I’m now sugar free and looking for great recipes!

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