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This page once read: We truly are what we eat.  When I wrote those words, I believed that good health all boiled down to diet.  And with the internet brimming with the gospel of diet gurus far and wide, it was a logical assumption for me to make.  It didn’t help that I’d also just been diagnosed with serious food intolerances. However, in my quest for balance without my old friends, gluten and dairy, which I’d grown up eating (hi, cannibalism), I ironically had to become much more unbalanced in order for me to realize just the opposite of what I’d first believed:

We are, in fact, so much more than what we eat.

Sure, taking gluten and certain dairy products out of my diet saved me.  But everything beyond that destroyed me.  The Palate Peacemaker is no longer geared to only the food-intolerant few who are desperate to make peace with their palates.  Rather, it is for anyone who feels at war with their physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual palates in any way whatsoever.  This blog is about Peace: finding it, harnessing it, growing with it, spreading it in every way possible.

Now.  Who is Desi Domo? I am, simply put, a believer in magic.  I have this theory that the reason why there is such a thirst in our culture for fantasy worlds like those in “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones” is because magic is a natural component of our existence.  The reason people camp outside of Apple stores before the release of the latest iPhone is because that sleek technology in the palm of our hands almost feels like a magic wand.  Life should feel magical.  It is how we are wired at our very core.  And though becoming more civilized and westernized has brought to us incredible inventions and technologies that enhance life and save life, we are also more severed than ever from the uncivilized, eastern kinship with nature that relies on everyday magic as a way of life.  We’re conditioned to reject the idea that a dance could bring on the rain, that a man can heal another with his hands, that the timing of everything is a carefully constructed message to us from the Universe.  We’ve been taught that seeing is believing and that research is truth, but what about the truths that can’t be seen?  Aren’t there some truths that can’t be measured and studied – at least not right now?  Are we really so arrogant to assume our way of “knowing” is THE way?  Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”  Amen, man.  I’m right there with you.

Here’s about all that I do know: there are certain ingredients in my life that make it magical.  And more than anything, that magic is what brings me peace.  What are my top four?  Er… My Four Tops, rather/maybe?

1) Getting my inner pioneer on.  Either my brother and I reenacted The Oregon Trail too much as children (we actually did this), or I’ve blocked out memories of being secretly raised by a shaman.  No matter what it may be, I like doing “it” myself.  It is beyond empowering.  Whether it’s homemade shampoo or homemade almond milk or homemade cure for a sore throat, chances are I’m making it.

2) Living by the belief that I am one with nature, and that we are all one.  In conclusion, if I could meld Pocahontas and Buddha into one person, that person would be my best friend slash I would erect a shrine to… her(?) Wait… “her?

3) Rejecting the idea that I need to pigeon-hole myself into being one thing, one career that I do. I, like everyone else, am many things. When I choose to meet myself where I am – at this cross section of all my interests – that is when I am at peace. I am an herbalist, philosopher, thought-challenger, healer, comedienne, songbird, actress, twinkle toes, and wordsmith (let this blog be my evidence for a few of those).  For the rest, visit my YouTube channel and see for yourself!  And if you subscribe, I will love you forever.

4) Even if I failed to tell you this now, you’d find out soon enough: I like stirring the pot.  I like stickin’ it to the man.  I am armed with honesty and openness, and I’m not afraid to use them… especially in the face of those topics that usually induce cringe-worthy silences and non sequiturs.  Why? Because we don’t grow by connecting with people who are cookie cut-outs of ourselves, who share our beliefs and our feelings about everything. We grow by connecting with those vastly different than us and then – and here is the key – by having empathy for those people. That is how this world gets better.

So that’s me.  An honorary Oregon Trail traveler with shaman skills, who likes to sing and dance and do improv comedy.  A passionate lover of nature and a believer in its power to feed the soul just as well as the body.  A child sitting front row at a magic show.  A Bird… A Plane… No, The Palate Peacemaker!  Here to save my own day, because I am my own superhero.  And you are yours.  But maybe you’ve forgotten.  I’m here to help you remember.

You are magic.

Love, Desi


21 responses to “About Desi

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  3. The Teenage Taste

    Nice to meet you! I love your writing style and sense of humor. I’m a fellow nut butter lover, so I had to laugh when you said that if you were a pinata peanut butter would pour out of you like lava. Same here girlie!
    Can’t wait to read more! :-)

    • Hi Erika! Thanks so much for commenting – it gave me an opportunity to discover your blog too! It’s comforting to know you live by the nut-butter-based food pyramid as well (haha)… Anyway, so nice to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you more in cyber space! :)

  4. Desi… we went to middle school and high school together. And we were on the tennis and golf teams together, haha. I hope you remember me – otherwise I’m going to seem like a creeper ;)

    • LIZ! Of COURSE I remember you, silly! So cool to have a little reunion with you in cyber space! hehe :) I had no idea about your blog, so I’m SO HAPPY you commented on mine! YAYYY! I hope you are doing well – and hope I hear from you much more now that I know you’re a fellow foodie and blogger! :) xo

  5. Hello! I came via HEAB’s and I’m absolutely loving your blog!
    I love your allergen-free recipes and your great sense of humor :) Can’t wait to try some of your creations and to read more of your fun posts!

  6. Hello Great Girl!!!
    I am vegan too but I choose just the best recipes! Your blog has only great recipes!
    Glad I fell on it! And…just a question- where do you live☼

  7. Ops, I am in a mistake:) I decided you are in Europe because of your name. Desislava is Slavian and Desi is the short name :)
    I am in Bulgaria and have my vegan blog too- it is in Bulgarian, very commented but i decided to share it with the world and to have it in English :)
    WIll be glad to collaborate!

  8. Desi,

    Your Aunt Mary Kay told me about your site. I have a Gluten Free kid and am always looking for things for all of us to enjoy together. I can’t wait to explore your blog and try out your recipes. Any and all with peanut butter will be a hit with my Gf kid (and me)!


    • Janice! Thank you so much for checking out my site! I’m so happy to be of service. If you or your kiddo ever have any GF recipe requests, please let me know. I always love a good challenge! :)

  9. Lou

    Just found you through Chocolate Covered Katie… I’m so stoked I did, LOVE your blog :)

  10. Jonah Jensen

    Desi…thank you for sharing your sweet spirit with us…I like your style…I’m learning about this wonderful world of food that you spin blissfully in…It’s new to me and its bringing joy to my days…

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  12. cdouglass96

    Hi Desi! I nominated you for something on my blog! Go check out what it is!!

  13. Thanks to my father who informed me concerning this webpage, this weblog
    is actually remarkable.

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