Hire me to write for you.

Whether it be an article, blog post, review*fill in the blank*, it will give me a temporary explanation for the ne’er-resting pen that otherwise appears to be a sixth finger on my right hand. Use the contact form below!

Not looking for a writer? Wait. I do other things. I’m a regular Renaissance woman.  Check out my other services below.

1) Performer at (I’ll make you laugh and serenade you with my ukulele on my YouTube channel, too!).

2) Innovation Coach at my company Speak The Speech, where I help businessmen and women perfect their next pitch, speech, or presentation using my solid education as an artist. I also assist fellow actors with monologues and auditions.  I work with NYC locals in person or with people all over the world over Skype.  Contact me through the website above to set up an appointment.

3) Holistic Health Coach here at The Palate Peacemaker. I am a treasure trove of information about how to live as naturally as possible, so that both you and our lovely environment benefit! Inspired by revolutionaries like Gwyneth Olwyn and Matt Stone, I also have a unique take on the role that diet plays in maintaing good health. The combination of having been an obsessive independent researcher for 6 years as well as my own guinea pig during that time has taught me first hand that conventional as well as seemingly alternative approaches to health today are severely misguided.  Being open-minded enough to challenge today’s “authorities” literally saved me. I specialize in helping those recovering from disordered eating habits, diets, or skin issues, though I have wisdom to offer on a greater variety of topics.  Skype sessions – whether video or just voice – are $35 for every half hour.  Schedule via this contact form:


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